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YUI Library

The Yahoo! User Interface Library ( YUI ) is a discontinued open-source JavaScript library for building richly interactive web applications using such techniques as Ajax , DHTML , and DOM scripting. YUI includes several core CSS resources. It is available under a BSD License . [3] Development on YUI began in 2005 and Yahoo! properties such as My Yahoo! and the Yahoo! front page began using YUI in the summer of that year. YUI was released in February 2006. [1] Yahoo! engineers. Continue reading

jQuery UI

jQuery UI is a collection of GUI widgets , animated visual effects, and themes implemented with jQuery (a JavaScript library ), Cascading Style Sheets , and HTML . [4] According to JavaScript analytics service, Libscore , jQuery UI is used on over 197,000 of the top one million websites, making it the second most popular JavaScript library. [5] Notable users include Pinterest , PayPal , IMDb , The Huffington Post , and Netflix . [6] Continue reading

Grid (graphic design)

In graphic design , a grid is a structure (usually two-dimensional ) made up of a series of intersecting straight lines (vertical, horizontal, and angular). The grid serves as an armature or framework on which a designer can organize graphic elements ( images , glyphs , paragraphs , etc.) in a rational, easy-to-absorb manner. A grid can be used to organizes graphic elements in relation to a page in relation to other graphic elements on the page, or relation to other parts of the Saami graphic element or shape . Continue reading

Foundation (framework)

Foundation is a responsive front-end framework. Foundation Provides a responsive grid and HTML and CSS UI components, templates and code snippets, Including typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface Elements, as well as optional functionality provided by JavaScript extensions. Foundation is maintained by ZURB and is an open sourceproject. Continue reading

CSS box model

In web development , the CSS box model Refers to the composition of a webpage or HTML page from blocks or boxes using CSS . Specifically, the box model describes the size of each such block and its content is determined by styling instructions. The guidelines of the box model are described by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) . Continue reading

Blueprint (CSS framework)

Blueprint is a CSS framework designed to reduce development time and ensure cross-browser compatibility when working with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). It also serves as a foundation for many tools designed to make learning easier and more accessible to beginners. Blueprint is released under a modified version of the MIT License , making it free software . It can be used as a tool or is written in Ruby . Continue reading

YAML (framework)

YAML ( Yet Another Multicolumn Layout ) is a cross-browser CSS framework . It allows web designers to create a low-barrier website with comparatively little effort. Integrations of the YAML layouts have been created for various content management systems. These include WordPress , LifeType , TYPO3 , Joomla , xt: Commerce and Drupal . Continue reading

CSS framework

CSS framework is a pre-prepared software framework that is meant to allow for easier, more standard-compliant web design using the Cascading Style Sheets language. Most of these frameworks contain at least a grid . More functional frameworks JavaScript is not available anymore, but is mostly oriented and unobtrusive . This differentiates these functional and full JavaScript frameworks . Continue reading

Cascade Framework

Cascade Framework is a free CSS framework for creating websites and web apps . Similar to Bootstrap and Foundation , it contains a wide range of HTML and CSS -based interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions. Continue reading

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