Christopher Schmitt is a web designer , author, trainer, and speaker living in Austin, TX .

Life and career

Developing Web sites since 1993, Christopher interned for both David Siegel and Lynda Weinman in the mid-90s while he was an undergraduate at Florida State University (FSU) working on a fine arts degree with an emphasis on graphic design.

Afterward, he earned a Master’s degree in Communication for Interactive and New Communication Technologies while obtaining a graduate certificate in project management from FSU’s College of Communication.

A member of the Web Standards Project , Schmitt co-leads the Adobe Task Force and is a member of the Educational Task Force.

He’s the founder of Heat Vision, a web design and new media publishing studio. Schmitt is the author of several books on standard-based web design and CSS . He gives frequent talks and trainings on standard-based web design .

He is the author of CSS Cookbook, which was named Best Web Design Book of 2006, and one of the first books that looked at CSS-enabled designs, Designing CSS Web Pages (New Riders). He is also the co-author of Adapting to Web Standards (New Riders), Professional CSS (Wrox), Photoshop in 10 Steps or Less (Wiley) and Dreamweaver Design Projects (glasshouse) and contributed four chapters to XML, HTML, and XHTML Magic (New Riders). Christopher also wrote for New Architect Magazine, A List Apart, Digital Web and Web Reference. [1]

In Spring 2009, he co-founded Environments for Humans, which is a web-based Web Design Workshop (CIG Summit, jQuery Summit, etc.) and geared to Web design professional.


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