CSS animations is a proposed module for Cascading Style Sheets that allows the animation of HTML document elements using CSS.


While the pseudo-class :hoverhas been used to generate rich animations for years, the extensions of CSS in the realm of animation were minimal until the late 2000s decade. As early as 2007, WebKit has been launched to include CSS animation, transitions, and transforms as features of WebKit. It has also been proposed by the CSS in the context of CSS3, the W3C ( World Wide Web Consortium ).

Browser support

As of June 2011, Firefox 5 includes CSS animations support. [1] CSS animation is also available as a module in the nightly builds of Google Chrome , Safari 4 and 5 and Safari for iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), Android versions 2.x and 3.x, the BlackBerry OS 6 web browser, with the -webkit-prefix. [2] [3] It is also used in iTunes 9 to support iTunes LP files.

Future support: Opera v12 + will support CSS3 animations and transformations with -o-prefix Internet Explorer 10+ will support CSS3 animations and transformations with -ms-prefix


Early on in the development of the CSS Animation It Had drawn concern from Those Who Prefer animated via JavaScript [4] or, to a lesser extent-used, Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) others have claimed that it is a move by Apple Inc. , the main sponsor of the WebKit project, to sidestep the inclusion of Adobe Flash (and the incumbent Flash animations ) on the company’s iOS line of mobile devices which use Safari . [5] [6] [7]

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