In graphic and web design , a dark pattern is “a user interface That has-been Carefully crafted to trick users into doing things, Such As buying insurance With Their purchase or signing up for recurring bills.” [1] [2] [3] The neologism dark pattern was coined by Harry Brignull in August 2010 with the registration of , a “pattern library with the specific goal of naming and shaming deceptive user interfaces.” [4] [5]



Bait-and-switch patterns advertise a free (or greatly reduced ) product or service which is wholly unavailable or stocked in small quantities. After it is apparent the product is not longer available, they are exposed to other products similar to the one advertised. [6] [7]

Forced disclosure

forced disclosure pattern offer low-cost or free services goal que la require user Such sensitive information you divulge credit card information, personal addresses, and phone numbers. Some companies will sell this information to advertisers. [6] [7]

Roach motel

roach motel or a net trammel [8] is a situation that is easy or straightforward to get into, but difficult to get out of. Examples include businesses that require subscribers to print and mail their opt-out or cancellation request. [6] [7]


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