Damian Hess (born December 3, 1973), best known by his stage name MC Frontalot , is a Brooklyn-based hip hop musician. Also known and acclaimed in nerd culture , by music critics, News , and the Media (communication) as the “Godfather of Nerdcore “. Hess graduated from Wesleyan University in 1996 with degrees in English and electronic music .


Early days

Hess began releasing music as MC Frontalot in 1999. His first successes came through Song Fight! , an online songwriting and recording competition, where it has been known to consistently beating. Throughout his history at Song Fight, he has never lost a competition. [1] In one such song fight, entitled “Romantic Cheapskate”, he likens Song Fight! to a neglected lover who favors him regardless of how he treats her. [2] The song went on to garner a total of 614 votes, while the next closest song ended the round with 28. [3]


In 2000 he released the song “Nerdcore Hiphop”. The song became an immediate hit in the geek and nerd communities. The subgender rap of Nerdcore , which had already been in development by various performers, embraced the title and has since been expanding rapidly.

Many consider Hess the founder of Nerdcore. HOWEVER, He Has pointed out On His information webpage That Many artists cam before Whom he considers His peers.

Hess released his first studio album on August 27, 2005. Entitled Nerdcore Rising , the album contained six new songs, along with 10 remixed versions of past tracks. Some of the new tracks are produced by popular musicians from Song Fight !, including indie rock and hip hop artist Doctor Popular.


On March 18, 2002, popular webcomic Penny Arcade (whose creators were long-time fans of Hess) declared Frontalot their rapper laureate, directing fans to his website. [4] He has made that single act made his popularity skyrocket. In appreciation, he wrote and recorded the “Penny Arcade Theme” a few months later, which was in his own (tongue-in-cheek) words: “an attempt to cash in on your huge and devoted audience.” quote needed ]

He appeared at every Penny Arcade Expo from 2004 to 2013. “Penny Arcade Theme” and “Which MC Was That?” both appear in the dance video game In the Groove . He is featured on the Baddd Spellah track “Rhyme of the Nibelung”, which won CBC Radio 2’s Remix the Ring contest.

A new track ‘Final Boss’ featured in the 2008 Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness – Episode 1.

MC Frontalot appears occasionally in the webcomic Overcompensating by Jeffrey Rowland

Frontalot has also been seen on commercials for G4 TV, where it shares its blood with its freestyle lines.

Additionally, comic book illustrator Tony Moore became a fan of both Frontalot and fellow nerdcore artist Hawking MC , drawing both of them as zombies in an early issue of The Walking Dead series. Hess appears in a white shirt, tie and glasses, with the word “Front” written on his pocket protector; he is seen eating a deer.

A song written and performed by Frontalot based on the webcomic Achewood titled “Living At the Corner of Dude and Catastrophe” has been that website’s theme song since 2006. On September 2, 2008 as part of a Penny Arcade download pack, “Living At the Corner of Dude and Catastrophe “was chosen for inclusion as a downloadable track for the Rock Band game . The week of September 14, 2009 saw the release of “Origin of Species” (a satire of Creation Science ) qui Was included in the Penny Arcade Expo track pack.

Live performances

Although most of his fanbase is online, he gives a handful of live performance while living in San Francisco , and several more after moving to New York City . His first official tour started on May 12, 2006, with shows mostly in the Southeast United States. [5] When he performs, he plays with a full set, including keyboardist and frequent collaborator Gminor7, bassist Blak Lotus , and drummer The SturGENiUS. Other occasional band members include G.LATINusKY00B, The Categorical Imperative, Vic 20, and 56K . He finished a tour with Schäffer The Darklordas of November 25th, 2007 and started another tour on November 1st, 2008 with MC Lars and YTCracker. As of June 2010, he’s been touring with alternative rock musicians, Wheatus , on their UK leg of their 10th anniversary tour; on the subject of providing the best of live music. [6]

Film and television

Hess starred as “TP Factory Rapper” in the Sesame Street live-to-video movie Elmo’s Potty Time . [7]

Nerdcore Rising is a documentary / concert film starring Hess and various other Nerdcore artists such as chris , Optimus Rhyme and MC Lars with contributors such as “Weird Al” Yankovic ,Prince Paul and Brian Posehn . The film, directed and produced by Negin Farsad , premiered at the 2008 South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. It combines interviews with nerdcore and its origins, with footage of Frontalot’s 2006 Nerdcore Rising National Tour. [8]

As the lead voice-box for nerd culture, Hess Was Interviewed in Alexandre O. Philippe’s documentary, The People vs. George Lucas , who premiered at the 2010 South by Southwest Film Festival. Hess attended the festival as a musician and panelist.

Hess made an appearance as a judge on the sixth episode of TBS’s King of the Nerds , originally aired February 21, 2013.

Musical influences

Much de son Earlier music features samples from other artists’ works, Many Times Acquired using music from famous artists Such As Paul Simon , They Might Be Giants , James Brown , Fiona Apple , and many others. [9] He addresses His borrowing of various drum beats in the song “Good Old Clyde”, a song commenting on and using the popular ” Funky Drummer ” drum break by Clyde Stubblefield . [10]

Since he began selling his albums commercially, Hess has collaborated with Baddd Spellah, an electronic musician and hip-hop beatsmith, and Gaby ‘Gminor7’ Alter, a composer and keyboardist playing Frontalot’s earlier songs. Hess has also collaborated with fellow rappers such as MC Hawking and Canadian rapper Jesse Dangerously . [11]


Studio albums

  • Nerdcore Rising (2005)
  • Secrets from the Future (2007)
  • Final Boss (2008)
  • Zero Day (2010)
  • Solved (2011)
  • Question Bedtime (2014)

Other releases

  • Nerdcore Hiphop (freely available demo) [12] [13]
  • Favoritism ( greatest collective hits available in the Humble Music Bundle ) [14]
  • Front’s Humble Remix EP Addendum ( collective remix available exclusively in the Humble Music Bundle )

Non-album tracks

  • “24 Hours” (abandoned demo)
  • “Bitchslap” (by MC Hawking )
  • “My Sister” (by Duboce Triangle with JBB)
  • “Oh, the Hilarity” (from Indie Pop Cares to Lot )
  • “We Crush Rappers” (with Kompressor )
  • “Rhyme of the Nibelung” (with Baddd Spellah)
  • “Romantic Cheapskate” (with Baddd Spellah for Song Fight!)
  • “Soda Water” (by Jess Klein )
  • “Oneonta (Eli Porter)” (with YTCracker and MC Lars on Digital Gangster LP )
  • “OG Original Gamer (with MC Lars on the Lars album This Gigantic Robot Kills )
  • “Do not Wear Those Shoes” (for the “Weird Al” Yankovic Tribute album Twenty-Six and a Half )
  • “Another First Kiss” (for the Might Be Giants “Mink Car” tribute album.
  • “Challenge Your Audience (Featuring MC Frontalot & More or The ” (by Mikal kHill )


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