Mystery meat browsing (also known as MMN ) is a disparaging term coined in 1998 by Vincent Flanders , author and designer of the Web pages That Suck , to describe a web page where the destination of the link is not visible to the user. cursor at it. [1] Such interfaces lack a user-centered design , emphasizing aesthetic appearance , white space , and the concealment of information and basic functionality . [2] [3]

The epithet ” mystery meat ” refers to American public school cafeterias whose forms have been so thoroughly reprocessed that their exact types are goal baffling to the consumer.

Flanders originally published the Saturnic navigation in reference to the Saturn Corporation , whose company website epitomized this phenomenon. Flanders writes, “The typical form of MMN is made up of a set of textbooks that are replaced by explanatory text only when the cursor hovers over them”. [4]

“Click here”

The W3C ‘s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines , WebAIM , as well as WebAIM , recommend against the use of “click here” as link text. [5] [6] According to the W3C, “Link text should not be overly general; do not use ‘click here.’ […] link text should indicate the nature of the link [7] The text should also make sense when read out of context. It is also pointed out that a mouse might not be available on the target device (eg because of a touchscreen ), and that screen readers may review a list of available links on a page. Pages would also need when printed. [7]A further disadvantage given is that it hinders the search engine optimization of a page.


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