NGP VAN is a privately owned American company specializing in helping progressive campaigns and organizations leverage technology to meet their goals. [2] In 2009, the company was the largest supporter of campaign compliance software, most democratic members of Congress. [3] The company’s services-have-been Utilized by customers Such As the Obama 2008 presidential campaign , the Obama 2012 presidential campaign [4] , the Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign , the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign , the British Liberal Democrats [5] , and theLiberal Party of Canada . Its current president and CEO, Stuart Trevelyan , was a veteran of the 1992 Clinton-Gore War Room , providing research, analysis, and whip counts to the Clinton Administration as a member of the White House Office of Legislative Affairs . [6]

The Wall Street Journal wrote in 2014 “NGP VAN is something of a secret weapon for the Democratic Party and the labor unions and progressive groups that use it.” [7]


NGP VAN was founded in November 2010 by NGP Software , founded in 1997 by Nathaniel Pearlman , who will be the next president and chief technology officer for Hillary Clinton’s2008 presidential campaign, [8] in his attic in Washington , DC, and Voter Activation Network , founded in 2001 by Mark Sullivan, in his Cambridge, Massachusetts study . [9]

In October 2014, NGP VAN launched their nonprofit arm, EveryAction. [10]


MiniVAN is a mobile canvassing application that allows for campaigns and organizations to contact voters or supporters, collect data, and sync the information back to their VAN or EveryAction database in real time, thus eliminating the need for paper lists and data entry. [11] During the 2016 election cycle, MiniVAN was used by thousands of Democratic Campaigners and progressive advocacy groups to contact tens of millions of voters. [12] [13]

VoteBuilder is one of the software systems created by NGP VAN. It is used by the Democratic Party and associated campaigns with potential voters . Votebuilder is used as a persuasion and ” get out the vote ” operations. The introduction of such software has been called a revolution in campaigning [14] as it allows for every detail to be stored, including “every door knock and phone call.” [15] The software was created in 2006 to bridge the microtargeting gap between the Republican and Democratic parties. [16]On Wednesday December 16, 2015, NGP VAN released a code update to their Votebuilder application that contained a bug that allowed two campaigns to see proprietary analytical scores. [17] [18] After the bug was fixed, It was Revealed que le national director of the data Bernie Sanders for President Josh Uretsky, HAD beens scores Accessing file Managed by the Clinton campaign. [19] [20] On late Thursday, December 17 the DNC re-enacted the Sanders campaign to access the national vote .The Sanders campaign sued the DNC in District Court and concurrently they fired Uretsky. On December 19, the Sanders campaign was restored. [22] [23] [24]

NGP is a software platform for digital engagement, fundraising and compliance reporting . . [25] In August 2017, the company released NGP 8, billed as “the new gold standard in Democratic fundraising & compliance.” [26] [27]

Innovation Platform is a series of APIs and integrations That Was rolled out in 2014. The Wall Street Journal wrote , “NGP VAN, the technology firm at the heart of the Democrats vast data infrastructure annoncé Wednesday night That it will allow outside software developers and other engineers to write programs for Directly ict platforms. ” [28] [29] NGP VAN HAS icts tools integrated with Hundreds of third party apps to Provide campaigns organisms and the Ability to run” multi-channel “Contact vote campaigns. Several notable integrations include services providing services, online messaging tools, live calls, and do-it-yourself direct mail. [30][31]


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