SortSite is a web crawler that scans entire websites for quality issues including: accessibility; browser compatibility; broken links; legal compliance; search optimization; usability and web standards compliance.

Tests, Standards and Checkpoints

Quality tests run on each page include:

  • Accessibility – W3 WCAG 1.0, 2.0 and Section 508 standards
  • Brower Compatibility – check cross-browser compatibility of HTML, CSS and JavaScript (ie find code that does not work in all browsers)
  • Broken Links – checks for broken links , missing images and HTTP protocol violations
  • Search Engine Guidelines – Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google guidelines – websites violating the guidelines may be removed from the Google index
  • Usability – peer-reviewed web usability guidelines [1]
  • Web Standards – validation of HTML , XHTML and CSS


The product has received reviews in Website Magazine [2] and Softpedia. [3] The vendor maintains a list of current reviews on their website.

A list of problems encountered by users is provided by the vendor in the SortSite FAQ .


SortSite is commercial license software which uses serial numbers to prevent unlicensed use. Standard licensing is per-user, but pooled floating licenses are also available at extra cost.

See also

  • Cross-browser compatibility, making websites work in all browsers
  • Web accessibility , making websites available to people of all abilities and disabilities
  • Web usability , making websites easier to use


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