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TOWeb is a WYSIWYG website creation software for Windows and Mac OS X that makes web publishing easy. [1] The latest version 5 creates HTML5 / CSS3 responsive websites compatible with any device. It has some limitations such as it can not open an external web site for editing. [2] Continue reading

HTML editor

An HTML editor is a computer program for HTML editing , the markup of a webpage . Although the HTML markup of a web page can be written with any text editor , For example, many HTML editors handle not only HTML, but also related technologies like CSS , XML and JavaScript or ECMAScript . In some cases they also manage communication with remote web servers via FTP and WebDAV , and version control systems such as SubversionGold Git . Many word processing , graphic design and page layout programs are not dedicated to web design , such as Microsoft Word or Quark XPress , also have the ability to function as HTML editors. Continue reading

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