The three-click rule or three click rule is an unofficial web design rule concerning the design of website navigation. It suggests that a user of a website should be able to find information. It is based on the belief that users of a site will become frustrated and often leave.

Although there is little evidence that this is the case, it is a rule of thumb that is part of a good system of navigation. Critics of the rule suggest that the number of clicks is not important. [1]

In an outdated book, Taking Your Talent to the Web (2001), Jeffrey Zeldman wrote that the Three-Click Rule is “based on the way people use the Web” and “the rule can help you create sites with intuitive, logical hierarchical structures. “. [2]


The success of the test, which has shown that the number of clicks needed to access the desired information affects nor user satisfaction, nor success rate. [3] [4]

In eCommerce Websites, the rules can be used to deter the use of the Internet.


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