video web presenter , video spokesperson or virtual host , is an online virtual presenter who is superimposed on a website and who delivers a direct message to the website visitors. To avoid confusion, the terminology “video web presenter” is the best nomenclature.

A video web presenter can be full body, half body or head and shoulders silhouette of an actor delivered against the backdrop of a static website . A good video web presenter should be sizeable and moveable, and can include various effects, such as appearing to walk onto the site.

The web presenter technology involves a green screen backdrop when filming so that the video can be edited using Chroma key compositing . This allows the video to appear as a transparent overlay on any website using a single line of HTML (and often javascript) code. A green screen is used as the image sensors in digital video cameras are more sensitive to green than any other color.

A web video present is a stock in trade marketing tool of up to the minute websites, and is regarded to Greatly Enhance a web visitor’s interactive experience citation needed ] , Increasing website browsing time citation needed ] , and consequently exposure to your brand / product , and sales management citation needed ] .


The key principles of a web presenter are:

  • Image / Branding / Impact – to present allows you to better brand yourself.
  • Interaction – to present you to interact with your potential customer to a greater level than to a static site. It is in effect the intermediary stage between the asymmetrical relationship , ie the visitor reading about the site, and the symmetrical relationship, the website visitor contacting you.
  • Information – to present is a concise way to impart information about your product or service.
  • Immediacy – to present is immediate. He or she is the instant focus of the website visitor, thus eliminating any vagueness in the website visitor’s experience of the site. The presenter allows you to take a closer look at the important information you need to impart about your business.
  • Capture – a presenter is instrumental in the all important task of capturing your website visitor’s attention , and you get their attention, it is easier to guide them to the site and keep them there.
  • Navigation – to present your site, where they need to be.
  • Personalization – to present your personalises your site. To present your personality gives your passive site a personality.